Victor C Yee

A teacher can make a difference in his student’s life. A very popular saying about how the teachers can influence the lives of his students. Victor C. Yee, just like any other ideal teacher, lives and teaches for this very same mission.

He is a great teacher and an academic advisor who had his degree in Bachelor of Arts in History and Economics from the University of Arizona in 2012 and got his Master of Education degree in 2013 through the help of the Teach Arizona M.Ed. program.

Victor Yee gained many memorable experiences when he was still teaching different academic subjects like Math, History, and Economics which proved how great he is when it comes to teaching. He is a man of versatility because he is not just a teacher but a good coach also both in basketball and chess.

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One of the good things about him is he doesn’t work as a teacher and a coach just to earn for his living because he perceive his jobs a responsibility and the purpose why he is where he is now today. In the long process of his working experiences as a teacher and a basketball and chess coach, Victor Yee learned how to work with many people with diversity, where he gained another perspective and understanding different people from all walks of life.

Working as a teacher has brought joy and many changes too his life. It is where he developed his strong interpersonal, mentoring and communication skills and where he found the greatest victories in his life and that is to develop a harmonious relationship with the people that he was given the privilege to work with.

Victor C Yee

Victor Yee has a very active life not just in being a teacher and a coach but also as a leadership and engagement coordinator. He is currently working in Eller College of Management in the University of Arizona where he continues to prove that a teacher touches the lives of his students forever. Teaching is really his passion as well as coaching and facilitating. He facilitates the participation of the Eller College in the University of Arizona’s Engagement initiative that aims to give the students with equal opportunities to learn through experiential learning.

He is also a great chess teacher and this was already proven by the many victories of his players/ students. All of the players that he taught have performed well in the tournament where they competed and have just recently won in a state championship.

Victor lives what he preaches in life and that is to make this world better and help his students discover their full potentials and have the confidence and courage to win life’s most challenging competitions and trials. Victor Yee is really one in a million and the world needs more people like him.